The Soldier’s Funeral

The Soldiers Funeral short poem

A breeze moves gently
Through the long grass
Disturbing not a blade.

The only sound I hear
As they lay me in the ground
Are the sounds of butterflies.

I listen closely.
I hear a dew drop fall
Lightly to the ground.

Where is the thunder,
The sound of dying men?
I hear the sound of quiet.

This can’t be me,
I am only twenty four.
I have a life to live.

Would someone please tell
My girlfriend and mother
I said goodbye and love them.

I’m coming friends and brothers
Let me get my gun.
Now send me to the quiet.

Poet’s Note –
I started this in 1968 when I got shot. Over the years as I have thought of death I have added to this. Perhaps when I die the dreams will stop and there will be peace and quite.

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Randall Smith

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Not from anywhere but from everywhere Germany, Korea, Viet Nam, USA, Army Veteran, Germany 1966-1968, Viet Nam 1968-1969. Two kids and bunch of grandkids. Enjoy my Roses, fishing and card playing. I may not write for several months and then I can not stop for several weeks. I have notebooks with 4 or 5 lines only, waiting for me to return.
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As I read this poem, my heart once again goes out to all those brave soldiers out there, fighting to protect and safeguard their country/ies. Hats off!

ammu sachariah

Nice poem. It makes a little pain somewhere in the heart .


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