Every brunt she has to bear.
Every music she has to face.
Learn to value the word ‘she’ my dear.
Because she is the whole humanity’s base.
She encapsulated you when you were a homogenised matter.
She bore the dreadful pain by giving vent to your arrival later.
She sabotaged her joy and emotions for you.
By rearing you in her beautiful zoo.
She went sleepless for hours so long.
That her eyes bulged out but has never been wrong.
While caressing you
While dressing you
She never let a fly stay on your head.
And if you have that divine vision see her knees so red.
The knees which she bent on to lay you in the bed.
And someone had rightly said about her
Paradise lies beneath her holy feet.
So why wait for a heavenly angel to meet.
When the real paradise lies around you.
In the form of Mother who gave birth to us all.
Love her and don’t wait for an abstract heavenly call.
Because the concrete paradise is always with you.
Just open your eyes and see it is really true.

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Shaib Mohd Gani Talangam Pulwama Kashmir 192301 Msc Microbiology From Bangalore University MA Education from University of Kashmir Worked as Assistant Professor at The Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora Kashmir Presently Pursuing Research In Microbiology From Rayalaseema University Kurnool Hyderabad.Writing is my passion.
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A beautiful ode to a wonderful angel called mother:)



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