O You Man – The Monster

O You Man   The Monster short poem

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O you men,
The monsters,
You were sent for protection,
For God’s beautiful creation,
You were sent to safeguard,
The chastity and honour,
You were sent to love,
The beauty and perfection,
Of Eves’ daughter,
The adrenaline which provided you manhood,
Turned out not to be a hormone,
But a poison,
The poison poisoned your Iris,
And made you myopic,
The poison poisoned your humanity,
And made you a beast,
The poison asphyxiated you, and made you so numb,
That you snatched her freedom,
That you choked her voice,
And fractured her larynx.
For the day when she will rise,
Rise and rise to a level,
Where you will witness your fall,
Wait for the day O man,
When this hero will clip your wings,
That you will beg for your freedom,
You will drench in stinky sweat,
And will Die under her feet,
Remember O man,
Those feet are so sacred,
That heaven lies beneath them.

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Shaib Mohd Gani Talangam Pulwama Kashmir 192301 Msc Microbiology From Bangalore University MA Education from University of Kashmir Worked as Assistant Professor at The Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora Kashmir Presently Pursuing Research In Microbiology From Rayalaseema University Kurnool Hyderabad.Writing is my passion.
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Such a poem definitely needs a read, especially in today’s times, when there is more of women objectification!


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