Are You Still Crying O Mom

Do not cry o mom,
Are you yet to find a
reason of my
I went to roam around in
the jungle,
Little did I know about the
hunter, Who
was waiting to hunt. You
once narrated
that this is our own jungle,
teachers taught me the
meaning of
OWN. Knowing all this I
went into my
OWN Jungle. And I never
knew that
there is ”no turning
I had a dream wherein I
sensed peace,
I saw you playing with
kids, I saw you
in the garden of roses, I
saw you
showering love on me. I
saw you
laughing, I saw you
laughing, And
suddenly a hunter arrived
and forced
you to watch, The hunter
choked my
neck, My eyes bulged out,
You touched
his boots, He kicked you
back, It took
to him fifty seconds
snatch my soul,
It took him fifty seconds
to appease
his master, It took him
fifty seconds to
change his tone.
Are you still crying my
mom, I know
you will cry till you are
alive, I know
you will cry at every sight
of the
hunter, I know you will
remember me
when the hunter’s master
will come to
console you. ARE YOU

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Shaib Mohd Gani Talangam Pulwama Kashmir 192301 Msc Microbiology From Bangalore University MA Education from University of Kashmir Worked as Assistant Professor at The Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora Kashmir Presently Pursuing Research In Microbiology From Rayalaseema University Kurnool Hyderabad.Writing is my passion.
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A child’s innocent concern, his immaculate love for his mother, even death couldn’t part true love! Beautiful thought!


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