Time To Move On

Memories tug at my heart strings
Making me turn around,
But in my step, I must get back the spring
I mustn’t look back, lest I be forever bound.

It’s time to move on
Time to forget old dreams.

The past wells up in front of me,
Fleeting moments of laughter and of tears,
Of unfulfilled wishes that meant so much to me,
Of dreams too good to be true, of silent fears.

It’s time to move on
Time to make my life

As I bid adieu to my memories,
In their mesh I am still ensnared;
But the future beckons me, on its wings it carries,
To fly ahead I am now prepared.

It’s time to move on
Time to create new memories.

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Meghana Joshi

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Intelligent, original, sensitive, warm, honest...the list is unending.... Do I need to elaborate?
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6 Comments on "Time To Move On"

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About moving ahead of memories…nice read:)


It is to move on…surely and certainly…

Keith Wilson

Extremely heartbreaking and yet accepting of the need for embracing today …your love and happiness from the past will be a sweet part of you always, but not in control of you. thank you..it has tremendous relevance to my life at this time.

Randall Smith

I have lived this and you have said the words so well. It was like reading my mind. thank you for sharing this with ujs



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