A Female’s Agony

A Females Agony short poem

Photo by darkday.

When she entered the temple of a man,
She was seduced by his dark heart..
Well, only thing she could do is stand,
And see her feelings fall apart.

She is the pride of our homes,
But her femininity was slaughtered at a very young age.
Even if she lives,
She has to live in a cage.

She suppressed her feelings,
And continued her life..
Started living for others,
As a mother, sister and wife.

She faced new challenges everyday,
Sometimes she fell, sometimes she gained..
But made her own way,
And went through all the pains.

Poet Note:
This is a poem on women empowerment. Its a mark of respect for all the women out there. This poem talks about the challenges a female faces everyday. I respect all the women out there and hope the other ones to do the same.

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6 Comments on "A Female’s Agony"

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Thanks for writing such a beautiful poem to a wonderful creation of god called woman:)


Hats Off..to your talent and the way you understand things at such a young age!
Your writing is Articulate! Really!

Arvinda Malik

Very nicely worded a woman’s agony. happy to see that a child of your age can write such poems. Keep it up !!!

Chand Ashish

the pain is well understood.
the pain is beautifully worded.
Please word the gain …..beyond the pain …….beyond the stain ……..
I believe there is rain ….. fragrant …..hushy ….dancing rain …..
You must catch the gain ……..


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