A Parisian Dream

A Parisian Dream short poem

I wake up to cobble stone steps,
And the smell of decadent crepes!

Next thing I know, I’m sipping Chardonnay,
While the harmonica in the background, plays.

I’m cycling through fields of sun-kissed vines,
With picturesque views, I’m cheerily entwined.

Suddenly I’m at a Chateau,
Whose mysteries are forgotten over gateaux.

A towering beauty, the Eiffel,
Is that the smell of black truffle?

The next day I’m at a cafe surrounded by books,
Pari’ she dons a loving look.

Of you I never seem to grow weary,
Could it be the green fairy?

You’re more to me than just croissants and wine,
I’m consumed by you, for you are divine!

Reality approaches, I get my final glance,
Oh Pari’, with you I want my chance!

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An Engineer with bursts of creativity. My poems are mostly rhymes and sometimes take a nonsensical turn. When I'm not working, I write poems or work on paper craft.
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Editorial Board

Paris is a sensual treat and this poem captures it all from sidewalk cafes, bookstores, wines and culinary delights, truly A Parisian Dream @sushantika and We love the rhyming especially!


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