Purple Gaze

Purple Gaze short poem

Photo by hellodan

I traced the patterns,
Under the clear moonlight.
So lovingly held,
In the heat of,
The purple gaze.
The upturned contours-
Defined- Sharp-
In their arrogance.
In its silvery silhoutte.
It was the last time,
I set my eyes,
On your beauty.
Distance is,
What I shall maintain.
Keep a check-
Hold back.
Near – yet so far-
You looked complete,
In the street light glow.
The embers of your eyes-
Soft brown
Tinged with all that I know.
Rivulets of empathy,
Flood both our beings.
As we remain torn inside.
By choice.
By voice.
Eaten up inside,
By all second thoughts.
Yet giving no room
For regrets.
We now reap the seeds,
Of the germs we had sown.
Mirthless in companionship,
A lot of hushed whispers-
We now live-
Drifted apart.
Our path chosen,
With pride,
We remain ever possessive,
Of all that
We can’t leave behind.

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Despite the mesmerizing beauty, you need to move on in life sometimes….beautiful piece of writing:)


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