A Note To Self For Those Tough Days!!

A Note To Self For Those Tough Days!! prose poem

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Life….This is not a fairy tale that we all dream of, fantasize or speculate it to be.
Nobody promises us that, not even God. Life is an amalgamation, of those really fantastic, fanciful, sometimes phenomenal, remarkably awesome days and of those days which are not so very good, where there is a feeling of “Life sucks”, where we find ourselves in a mire of irrationality, absurdness and of course no whereabouts of what to do and what not to, with bewildered thoughts and plundered dreams.
Here I tell Myself, what to do on those tough days,
For those tough days when you feel lost, with no clue of your being.
For those days when you want to run, run away from all the lights that pierce your teary eyes and stab your soul.
This is for the days, when you just want to hide, hide under that very pile of things that hurt your heart ruthlessly.
This is for the days when every worldly enchantment fails to bring even a streak of your smile back to you.
This is for those tough days when you don’t want to utter a single word, because if you do, you can’t be able to hold back your tears.
For those tough days, when even the mesmerizing glimmer of dawn faills to impale your soul.
For the tough days where your soul is ripped apart and made naked and vulnerable to every plunge.
For those days where emptiness engulfs your soul and hollowness wobbles in the cavity of chest.
This is for the days when nights seem to be only solace because they make you forget what you are going through.
For the days where you lose the charm and ecstasy of your chirping soul, and you feel baffled and aghast.
When you just want to disappear like you never existed at the first place only.
When you just want to lie down in foetus posture, cuddling quietly as if you are still in the womb away from all the chaos.
But wait… didn’t you go through the first few lines carefully?
I said Life is not a fairy tale that we dream of, but it is a fairy tale, yes it is, but a fairy tale that beside the fantasies and shimmers has monsters and demons, dragons and hungry ghosts. But what makes sense is when you get up and be hero of your life, when you stop playing the role of a victim and be the survivor. When you get yourself at peace with those demons, by not befriending them, but by killing them forever.
Those are the days, when you need yourself the most. When you have to be your own savior.
You can’t run, you can’t disappear, and the irony is you can’t even hide.
Those are the times when you have to stick to yourself, when you have to prove that life is an adventure and you have to be a winner.
Those are the times when you have to extend your right hand to hold your left one and pull out yourself from that mire.
When you can scream, scream so loud that your soul feels as light as a feather. You can cry a million tears to take off the burden that is holding you down.
You have to be bold and get up like a badass and stare in the eyes of the gloominess and scare hell out of that.
You have to warm up yourself by being fiery inside out and thaw down the frizzled icicles that have frozen your soul.
You have to look above look below and sideways too and assure yourself that these are just “those bad days”, and Good do days come, and they actually stay.
You have to getup and start pirouetting and make the happiness bow before you.
You have to come out of that pile you were trying to hide under, and make yourself to move for good, because, Moving is life, still is dead!
You have to assure yourself that if it didn’t kill you, you are a winner and tougher and stronger than what you were before, and assure yourself that tough people last, tough times don’t.
You have to get up and save yourself, embrace the blessings that you have been bestowed upon.
What if Life wasn’t fair some days, still it is beautiful. Living is beautiful, and living happily is alluring.
Get up, waive off those bad days and come up as a real winner and live like a Boss!!!

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A girl next door, Still believes in old school of emotions and Feelings. Not a professional writer, but tries to pen down thoughts when Mind and Heart can't hold them anymore.
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Inspired me:)


Good days do come and they stay 🙂


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