Existence Of God

Existence Of God short poem

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The smoke rises from the house,
You know that there is fire & a spouse.
When you see the footprints on the sand,
Someone has passed you just understand.
Fast moving trains,running cars & trams,
Make your belief that someone has,
Assembled them.
They don’t come into existence, by accidents.
You are sure that they are not moving
On their own.
But somebody is controlling,
And commanding them.
Just like earth,sky,humans and animals.
Sun,moon and stars,mountains,rivers and
Oceans, all are creations.
Someone has created them,
Designed them.The same creator,
Is known as SUPREME LORD.
The LORD of whole universe.
This magnificent universe is designed,
By a Great Lord, who is the Master of,
All arts and the fountainhead of all knowledge, ALMIGHTY and POWERFUL.
He has created everything, one day he’ll
destroy the world, to re-create the heavenly new earth.
He is the Mighty SUPREME KING.

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Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

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I am a graduate in psychology from Aligarh Muslim university Aligarh.I got my early education from Lucknow and Faizabad.I started writing poetries from the age of seventeen.i've written1000 poems in English and Urdu.still scribbling more poems.
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God’s existence is obvious through all his beautiful creations….Thanks be to him for that and to you for writing such an amazing poem:)

ammu sachariah

Wonderful poem. The praise of creator and the beauty of creation……Well done.


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