Move On…

Move On... short poem

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Move on…
He said…To where?
Asked she
That was no pause neither an eternity.

When the leaves shone on the path,
I was all smiles and lively.
Crusty and sleepy eyed,
Dreamful of reality.

When did sun rise to be the noon,
And when did the clouds descend?
I was living in the timeless moments,
When the we got divided by an ampersand.

I grasped my space and time,
And gathered few grains of sand,
Some shiny dust and some hard to trust-
Some precious moments came along,
And I did all to understand.

I walked all walled,
With smiles in my eyes,
The fluidity impressed
Signs were just a bit perplexed.

Seconds seemed like thousand moments –
To the stars and back,
Who knew that a we of past,
Would be a thing forever lost!

Through the watered sands,
I looked across the horizon…
And when I returned to the now,
Found no rhyme nor reason.

Retraced my path –
To my swabs of moments,
I now knew that only these were the living,
And were the only torrents.

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Very touching indeed…..


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