Mother Dear

She bore me
Like a bud on the branch
Jumping with joy with the breeze of life
She nurtured me
Like the gardner tending a plant
And when I became a flower
She laughed and made merry
Drunk with the fragrance she gave me
She gave me life
She gave me shape.

And then time took wings
I became big, in body, not in soul
I grew taller, heavier
I felt great, she looked frail and small
She got shrivelled
With wisdom and age, terrible masters both
She felt lonely, groping for me
She had a claim, so she thought
She had pride and faith in me
She thought it right to seek her right.

I ran away
From her, from what she wanted
I did not want to be pressed or pestered
Like a ripe fruit, I felt heavy
With responsibility, so I thought
Though it was really an escape
To an easy time, a false freedom
Away I got, putting distance between us
I got engrossed in nothings
And lost my track into wilderness.

Now she is no more and I cry
Nothing can make my eyes dry
I am broken, lost in the pain of memory
Dry within and dying every moment.

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A wonderful and touching tribute of love to an amazing mother! Nice:)


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