Greatest Treasure

It’s not the wealth
Which could give you pleasures.
That would be worldly.
It’s not a job
Which could make you satisfied,
That would be just a living.
People come and go.
Some hold dear to heart,
Rest are worth a throw.
Some come to stay in heart forever,
Others are just a show,
You watch
And you go.
But some come to accept you
Just the way you are.
They don’t see your shortcomings
They don’t compare you
They don’t burden you
with expectations.
All they say is:
‘I am there‘.
A simple line,
a simple feeling
Yet, the magical of all!
I am there;
To watch your back,
To hold you in your cries,
To share your joy.
In front of me
You don’t need to wear a mask,
‘I see you‘.
I am always there, just look around.
The feeling of knowing:
That someone is watching your back
That someone would never judge you
That you are also dear to someone!
That feeling and
That person, my friend
Is your Greatest Treasure!
Never let it loose.

This poem is part of the Poetry Book With You

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Ankit Kumar

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I have authored poetry books 'Guzarish' and 'With You', which are published in India and America. The essence of these poems is Love; depicting a mix of sweet and sour feelings of being in Love and rekindling your emotions.I am a Software Engineer based in Bangalore. I am concerned regarding environmental issues and welfare of underprivileged people. I am inclined towards community development and charitable activities.I have spent my childhood in Patna, India.You can reach me at: Facebook : Twitter :
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It’s so reassuring to hear someone say that ‘I am with you.’ Really nice to read this poem:)


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