Destiny short poem

Photo by Ben Sutherland

My soul desires to get there,
It won’t be by fate I think,
To keep my ways clean,
Yes I long to get there,
Will you make it my better half?
They say chosen few will make it there,
I hope to be among the few.
The veracity has just hit me now,
That it will be one by one,
Shall you my love?
I wish we were both similar,
The trance of us making it together could be much true.
Hold my hand I hold yours,
So we can make it there my love.
It’s a tough journey why lie,
To help when I need help,
To smile while I need to frown,
But then I desire to make it there and not alone.
I have to see my destiny –Heaven is my destiny.

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It’s wonderful to think of our partner’s company in heaven too:) Nice-read:)



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