Alice got no malice….

Alice got no malice.... short poem

Once upon a time in Wonderland,

there lived a girl called Alice.

She had her fun, she had her gun,

but she ain’t no full of malice.

Born of love on a sabbath day,

kissed to life by angels.

Bless her way the father said,

that wish just fell on deaf ears.

Raised by a farmer, fed by a milkmaid,

her childhood passed with glee.

Then a fleeting glimpse of soaring bird,

set her spirits free.

Her offhand mention of the advent,

blazed the home in vehemence.

So she bred on anger, rode on danger,

spat on the face with a vengeance.

The wild horse that she sat on

had no harness or rein.

Off she went towards the sun,

surge of passion in her vein.

The mighty yellow glowing dot,

was one hell of a bitch.

She had ain’t heard of no eclipse,

kept wondering what’s the glitch.

She took the gun, she held the bomb,

or is it called a magic wand.

The men had knelt, the women had wept,

ha, the devil just had her conned.

Only when she burnt her hand,

the soul was gripped with fear.

No one gave the soothing balm,

is when she shed a tear.

The soaring bird she once had seen,

was shot dead by a hunter.

Alice reached the spot and laughed,

for that bird was a vulture.

She laughed out loud and watched with mirth,

does that thing need a burial?

Had lost her mind or found a path,

or was she just in denial?

Is she material or is ethereal,

is she full of malice?

This happened all in Wonderland,

So was there a girl called Alice?

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Archana Kamath

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I am an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. A self taught artist who seeks freedom of expression through art,crafts and words. Bold and unassuming with the ideas and technique,I derive inspiration from a childlike point of view of things around myself. I write and paint in the absence of hesitation brought by non adherence to social logic and influenced debates.I write about my trysts with pain,love,joy,freedom and the journey of it all. My relationship with poetry is at its charming beginning, a quest with thrilling ups and downs. And my experience with writing is like Robert Frost rightly quoted,‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.’
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Editorial Board

Alice in Wonderland is one of literature’s most encaptivating characters and Archana gives a new dimension to this wilful free minded persona. There is a little bit of rebel in each one of us and let us dedicate this poem to that part of us which still yearns to break free of all moulds.

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

Alice got no malice, in Wonderland, except one day, everyday is a holiday, Anyone can celebrate a Nonbirthday Day. A good rhapsody of a poem.

Michael Moyer

I enjoyed @ Archana Kamath your poem Alice got no malice…. a lot very good flow.


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