Puzzle o pia short poem

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A darling princess named puzzle-o-pia
Of puzzles, she had a cornucopia
When she solved them, she was in utopia
The Queen worried her daughter, would get myopia!

Losing her most precious puzzle, this was the little girl’s phobia
So she had each piece marked with the royal insignia
And put them in a chest along with her regalia
She ordered her soldiers – four to guard her paraphernalia!

The resident soldier left the spot to tend to his magnolia
The second in line forgot all about it – thank his amnesia
The third was busy sipping a sweet drink of ambrosia
A puzzle – THE puzzle was stolen by the fourth named, kleptomania!

After his mischief, the thief decided he actually liked trivia
So he decided to steal the palace encyclopedia!
Next he did something that still puzzles the royal intelligentsia
He distributed the puzzle pieces dropping one, right in the cafeteria!

The missing puzzle, pieces of nostalgia
Threw the princess into a state of melancholia
Seeing her thus, the royal couple called on their militia
And ordered a global search from America to Asia!

From that day, my friends gathered in this galleria
The puzzling search is on, “THE PUZZLE MANIA”
As it has been called by the kingdom’s media
The army is looking all over, there is no inertia!

So friends, do lookout for anything that fits puzzle criteria
If you do find it, shout out “Mamma mia”
The magic words will summon one from the royal battalia
To take the precious puzzle piece back to princess PUZZLE-O-PIA!

Poet’s Note:
Wrote this poem in celebration of my daughters sixth birthday. She loves solving puzzles and also loves princesses and that was my muse for the poem.

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2 Comments on "Puzzle-o-pia"

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A really beautiful poem I would read out to my child when he’s a little older:) Nice:)

Lakshmi Narayanan Chittor

@Preeti_Vandana! Thanks so much for your feedback 🙂 Loved reading it as soon as I woke up !