My Life

The light of my life
Is not from the sun,
But is from the eyes of my children.
The happiness of my mind
Is not from the worldly attractions
But is from the words of my loved ones.
For the world,
They are only names.
But to my life,
They are the flame.
My days are few,
My life is short,
Still I am so cool,
Since my loving children are with me
Their words can break my faith,
Their eyes can see my race,
For everything that I need,
Is the support from them,
And the love from them.
Only with their smile and love,
My life can sustain.

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ammu sachariah

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I was working as the head teacher of a high school for many years.I have written many poems in English, Urdu and Malayalam. But i never had the confidence to bring it to the public .Better to say, i never tried for it due to lack of confidence.Now i got a platform to bring myself forward.Thanks to the editorial board of high on poems.I enjoy reading and writing.
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Laya Sarath

Dear Ammmu aunty..thats so wonderful life of a mother..These lines how caring you are for your family 🙂
If you have a wonderful family with you..I tell you have got the perfect asset with you 🙂


When your loved ones hold the key to your happiness, it shows your love and faith in them! Simply amazing poem:)

Savi Mani

Dear Ammu what a heart warming poem and yes I must say you are amongst the most fortunate blessed one who has her loved ones around her, loving her caring for her making her each moment fill with happiness…..its the biggest treasure life can give one and I am happy for you to have this precious treasure which you can behold close to your heart……..God bless them all and God bless you……..

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri


Viswas Menon

Wonderful….well expressed….am moved ….

ramakrishnan chatakondu

………..what use of this life ? ………
………………….better to die than to see our children busy with their own lives……..
……………………………..but we have faith in our family- tree…….
…………seeds will also be as sweet as the parent……..


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