Just Make A Wish

Just Make A Wish short poem

Photo by Denise P.S.

Make a wish and place it in your heart
And hope that it comes true
Sometimes to make a wish and keep it
Is all that you can do

Live every moment in your life
And give it all you’ve got
Love for everything it’s worth
Love even when it’s not

Just make a wish and hold it close
Whatever it’s about
Part of wishing is believing
Even when you’re in doubt

Make each day a celebration
Of the life you have to live
Don’t ever put conditions
On the love you have to give

If you make a wish it could come true
Just never let it go
Unless you have something to wish for
You will never really know

Don’t kill yourself trying
Or fighting to win it all
Don’t lose heart when you stumble
Don’t end up feeling small

Once your wish is in your heart
That’s where it’s going to stay
You needn’t feel disheartened
With every passing day

Don’t spend your life waiting
For one wish that rules your heart
Don’t let your life pass you by
Just waiting for it to start

Someday without you noticing
When you least expect it to
While making your new wishes
This wish may then come true

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Beautiful thoughts! Nice to read:)

Geetha Paniker



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