You charm me
It’s all about the tricks you play
Tickling my feet
Splashing my hair
I laugh
You whisper
We dance

You mesmerize me
How you never stop your little game,
Six hours here
Six hours there
Back and forth
Twice a day
Day after day

You are irresistible
For who can resist the feel of your touch
A gentle caress
Or a burst of delight
Sometimes this
Sometimes that
Over and over again

You leave me spellbound
I wonder in awe at your unpredictability
Raging tranquility
Mysterious, ominous
Intrusive, profound
A mélange of moods

You comfort me
Every time you change the way you look
A shimmering blue
A brilliant green
A million shades
A single hue
A glistening masterpiece

You tease me
The way you sweep me off my feet
The more I hold on
The more you let go
Testing me
All the time

You calm me
As you sprinkle me with fairy dust
A deep breath
A whiff of perfume
I breathe in
You breathe out
In perfect sync

You complete me
In the way you embrace my very being
Entwining spirits
Oozing life
Two hearts beating
Yours and mine

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Nice one @aadi. I like the rhythm. Keep writing 🙂


The beautiful melody of love rings as the background of this poem…nice:)

Monali Longmailai

happiness at its full bloom with love….. it’s beautiful!



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