Cat In Your Arms

Cat In Your Arms sonnet poems

When all the darkened drapes of night were drawn,
And mirth has left the room, now cast in gloom,
Except there played a glint, to stay till dawn,
On feline eyes, that spell a rodent’s doom;
But oh, how lovely to behold, these eyes,
Which give a sparkle that reflects the light,
But gives away the cat of any guise,
That stalks and purrs, before the jump and flight;
But might these be just tales of mice and men,
And cats, as sound it may to the untrained?
A black cat, they say, is such bad omen,
And all these times, this myth has been retained;
……..But cats or men of any color be,
……..Behave as fit the other things they see.

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Reyvrex Questor Reyes

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Vibha Lohani

What is more regal in attitude than a cat? Superb expression


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