The Fire

The Fire prose poem

Photo by Esther Kirby

Disassociate! If things and people don’t motivate you- disassociate!
Tell yourself that you will open your eyes.
The fire which is extinguishing, ignite it. The time if not today, will never come tomorrow.
Tell yourself that you will light your fire, baby!
Stop chasing cars, start chasing those hidden dreams before you get too old,
Know what you are, all that you are!
Don’t waste a minute over things which pull you down,
Don’t fret over bygone time; you have the chance to figure it out again!
Don’t just lie there, ’cause there is much more to see beyond the sky.
If you want so much from life, tie your shoe laces and start running
Because you got to make it to the finishing line gloriously, baby!
If this is the last time, every minute from this time is yours- ‘Design’ it your way!
Tell yourself that the fire is still burning and you need to have a party around it ‘Now’!
If you feel strange and everything feels untrue, it is only you who can find the truth and sing that song which once inspired you!

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Shivangi Bose

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It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.
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Perfectly said! Ignite the fire with motivating things indeed helps! Inspired me truly:)


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