An Ode to a Special Mother (Indian Independence Day)

An Ode to a Special Mother (Indian Independence Day) ode

Of beauty, culture and history you are the perfect paradigm,
As you resonate through our hearts like a gentle chime.
It’s your birthday for the sixty fifth time,
We belong to you, just as words do to a mime.

Many hardships and trials you face,
Yet carrying forward with poise and grace,
Your tribulations we are obligated to erase,
While your bright future is ours to chase.

Just as a lamp with an eternal glow,
Our dedication to you must always flow,
Love, integrity and peace we shall always show,
Swiftly cutting through the negatives, like an arrow through a bow.

As your children, we pay you homage,
As you lovingly take us to the 65th page,
Our lives are an ode to you as you age,
We wear your colours proud, like bright plumage

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An Engineer with bursts of creativity. My poems are mostly rhymes and sometimes take a nonsensical turn. When I'm not working, I write poems or work on paper craft.
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Editorial Board

@sushantika this one deserves not only a special mention but also a standing ovation – This is the first poem on patriotism received by us on HoP and we are so proud to be able to publish this..Kudos!

Chandrama Deshmukh

I just read @Nazima_Kachwalla ‘s Ode to my mother.

And then stumbled upon this one 🙂
How different perspectives add to the charm!
A beautiful ode to mother India indeed 🙂


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