Chaya ( A Lyrical Tribute To Loving Sister)

Chaya ( A Lyrical Tribute To Loving Sister) long poem


Born second amidst six siblings
She was the quietest of all

Her short stature was in no way
deterrent to her extra ordinary skills

She was the nightingale par excellence
who could put the naughty kid to sleep,
disturbed mind to sooth, UNromantics to
turn romantic and the rationalist to
believe in God by her melodious voice
devotional as well as filmy songs enacting
from her vocal chord in melodious waves reaching the skies

She was such a brilliant and natural artist
in drawings and colourings could make the
natural photography turn artificial on comparison
to her awesome real look alike sketches

She was very good in academics with a
Degree in commerce and was a
Top rank holder in Kannada for the University

Her soft nature reflects from the fact she can’t bear
bursting of crackers,she hates to exhibit anger and
can’t stand to the nagging and teasing

Married to an Ex-army man she lost her husband quiet early
but faced the Unexpected turmoil in her life by herself turning up
like an army personnel to face the vagaries of life and brought up her two
small children facing all odds both of financial as well as social insecurity

By her selfless sacrifices both her children are now placed well
In spite of daunting health issues and short of hearing she is always
there as Mother India to her grown up children when in need and
she is undoubtedly the Mother any child would feel proud of

Last but not least in spite of having limited resources her hands
stretch beyond limits in hospitality and none walk out with empty
stomach from her home albeit she herself may be on empty stomach
truly a Karunamayi and Annapoorni,we all should be proud of

True to her name She is like a big banyan tree spreading her Shadow
to keep her family comprising of daughter,grand daughters,Son,son in law
safe from the vagaries of Sun and rain

As she is entering the age of seventy , I pray God to keep her health and happiness
in tact and continue to guide her family to sail through trials and tribulations
in years to come and may she cross the age of Ninety and one twenty without any hurdles

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Ramapriya Nr

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I am a retired Engineer from the Government of Karnataka and now 64 year old. post retirement I fancied to write in 3 languages namely English,Hindi and kannada. I have written several poems,short stories etc and have published two books namely ""Tri bhasha Kritigalu and Rampys vision on lifes mission and now it has become passion for me to continue writing. I have also developed several software computer programmes covering Technical,medical and general programmes
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A beautiful ode filled with love and respect towards a sister’s inspirational life…Some great writing there:)

Savi Mani

nice poem…….very beautifully written……….bringing out the beauty of the life of the sister who dedicates her life to all good cause…….a gem of a person, ………May God bless her…..


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