Noise Of Pain

My world is so silent of joy now, heartbreaking so, my phone no longer pings with your words of love princess.
I hear nothing but the streaming of my tears and the echo of your voice in my head.

I no longer hear laughter or singing or music, I no longer hear my heart skipping beats as my phone rang knowing you were on the line.
I hear the cracking and breaking of my heart now, the blood as it pours freely from the wounds you left me with.
I hear the shattering of my soul over and over on a daily basis and the screams that accompany my cries,
I hear my own sobbing in the black of night as I hold my chest so tight.
I hear the nightmares that invade my sleep, I hear the shock to my system as I wake,
I hear then my realization that you are gone and the shattering and breaking starts over before long.

No escape from the noise of pain, no escape from tears that stain, no escape from my own head, no escape, I’ve been told……you are dead.

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Terri L Earls

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I just love writing, its therapy for me. I love reading other poems, getting inspired, feeling the pain or happiness that lie within the paragraphs or lines. I work in the medical field where I see decline in health everyday, death, and depression, its easy to get lost in the grim reality of it all. But writing is a way for me to escape, reading is a way for me to escape, So here I am. :)
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asoke kumar mitra

what a sad write………..I can imagine the whole episode in my closed eyes.
heart wrenching ……….my eyes become moist…….no escape…….
imagery used are soul touching.

asoke kumar mitra

I read again……….it gives me pain………and it’s true



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