Friends long poem

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This is a post dedicated to the crazy people who were and who are out there.
Life shows new things every day,
Some are sad,
Some happy.
Some are interesting,
Some dull.
Some make us cry,
Some make us laugh.
Some make us bored,
In all situations-
This is unchanged.
We meet people,
At all situations.
From our kindergarten,
To our graduation.
From the vegetable market,
To the mall.
From the place where we join our kids to school,
To the place where we see them graduate.
And in between all these day-to-day-life chores,
Some get inspired to become something.
Some get inspired to make others become something,
Some get disheartened and are unable to do anything productive.
And some others let things take their own course.
Yet between all these,
Different things shape us.
Break us.
Make us.
Then somewhere somehow inside all these,
Or between all these-
We ‘meet’ people,
It feels nothing great when we meet first.
It all seems so simple like the flow of water from a tap.
But then the ‘soul’ not the ‘brain’,
‘Instinctively’ knows that they are the ones.
The next time we get to see them-
Either on a regular basis or random.
We ‘get to know them’
Then things go normal.
Maybe things may go out of the way-
At times things fall apart,
And still some people stay.
Some people just stay there,
No matter how many different things life shows us.
Some people stay,
Even if it is a rainy day.
Some people stay,
Even if the sun shines.
Some people stay,
Even when the days seem happy.
Some people stay,
Even when the days seem lost.
Some people stay,
Even when everything is boring.
Some people stay,
Even when we are mad.
Some people stay,
Even if we neglect.
Some people stay,
Even when we live.
Some people stay,
Even when we don’t want to.
Some people stay,
Even when we don’t find a reason to stay.
Some people are ‘fRiEnDs’
Always and forever.

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Funkekeme Akposeye

beautiful poem


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