A Child’s Greatest Fear

A Childs Greatest Fear short poem

Photo by Isaac D

What fear grasps the heart of this child of eight?
Greater it is than the imagined monsters which stir in the closet
during the still of night.
More terror filled than the creäture which lurks beneath his castle bed.
More frightening than the shadows that stare intensely through bedroom window’s eye.
This fear penetrates, isolates and invades the essence of this boy.
It does not fade as the others do,
when the Sun says, “Good morning.”
This fear is his constant companion, replacing imagination and hope.
This fear makes Mother weep behind closed doors.

Father is gone!

Two leather baseball gloves lay dry and frigid in the dark of a toy box.
A ball hides behind the couch, alone, dusty and untouched.

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Keith Wilson

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A marine science teacher who is deeply connected to the beauty of the natural world and is in endless wonder at the opportunities of discovery that each moment offers.
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Shamala Chandran

Very touching and sad to know that state of a child, who is so young and has to face the harsh reality of life..let there be peace!

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May your words reach places and touch hearts through the power of poetry.


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