Simple Pleasures

Simple Pleasures short poem

Cuddled under a warm, toasty quilt,
Chewing on a bag of gummy bears with no guilt.

Making the perfect mud cake,
Watching the sunlight glisten off a lake.

Letting myself go insane,
To fight all things mundane.

Cooking a delightful meal,
Bargaining and striking a deal.

The feel of the soft sand under my feet,
While watching the sun and sea meet.

Making someone laugh and guffaw,
A yummy bowl of all fat coleslaw.

A bunch of bangles,
And earrings that dangle,
Light from a pretty candle,
A bowl of noodles entangled.

A cool drink of water to quench my thirst,
Watching a rainbow in the sky, burst!

A nice bear hug,
A soothing drink of tea in my favorite mug.

Cloud watching while its bright,
Star gazing on a moonlit night.

The smell of fresh baked goods,
A pleasant walk amongst the woods.

The snap of a camera lens,
To capture a moment most intense.

Watching the sky change shades at twilight,
And lightening too, but thunder gives me a fright!

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An Engineer with bursts of creativity. My poems are mostly rhymes and sometimes take a nonsensical turn. When I'm not working, I write poems or work on paper craft.
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Editorial Board

Reminds one of the song from the Sound of music..”My Favourite things”..such an uplifting verse which reminds one of all the simple pleasures that make Life so beautiful..Great writing @sushantika happy to have you on HoP!


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