Beautiful ‘YOU’

Beautiful YOU short poem

Is it your Mesmerizing Smile that takes my heart away
or is it your Beautiful Eyes that has a lot to say
Maybe you know maybe you don’t,
But just a thought about You makes a happy day
Maybe its the magic of your Confidence that steals the show away
or maybe its the Love in your action & the Words that you say
Maybe its your Charismatic Beauty, your Inspiring Intelligence,
your Lovable Innocence or your Adorable Elegance,
that makes you so Beautiful,
Or are you a Fairy from a tale,
an Angel from heaven,
or a Mermaid from the sea?
Because your Beauty is Flawless and so is everything in you i see.
You pass by and my heart skips a beat & sometimes its even hard to believe,
How can be someone so Beautiful?
Beautiful enough to be a reason for someone to Live.
No words no gesture can explain how special you are,
But somewhere deep in my heart I’ve felt
YOU are an ANGEL
Like the most Beautiful STAR!!

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Touching hearts spreading love, caring and helping to restore the faith in love and humanity is important to me. Life is to live love and care in the end am just a soul on my journey and i want this journey to turn out to be the most beautiful of my eternal life.
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Editorial Board

Words are too little to describe the beauty of someone who one loves and yet @felixthefreesoul you manage to accomplish the difficult task with adroitness..shows how well you command the written word..Kudos!

Reyvrex Questor Reyes

This could make a girl blush upon knowing she is the object of the poem.

Joseph C Ogbonna

The poem is very ingeniuos.thanks for sharing it.

Chandrama Deshmukh

I shared this poem with a friend and we smiled ear to ear.
No poem from you since long. Do share some more of your work.
Looking forward 🙂


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