It Is A Question Of Answers

It Is A Question Of Answers long poem

When my God
sheds a tear…
…a dew drop
smiles on a hibiscus petal

When my God
…a drizzle
on a canopy of green

When my God
…a cloud bursts
into a heart throb
and pours as
a torrent
into the
holy Rivers

When my God’s Children
kill the dew drop
with petrol smog….

When my God’s sons
slaughter the green
canopy in the name of

When my God’s perverted
human creations
muck up
the holy rivers …
with the sewage of their
beliefs ….

When the gnarled
arms of an Earth mover
tears open
a mother’s heart…
….to build smart cities …
to fill the coffers of
some crony capitalist….

….my God sobs
…..the planets and constellations
do a flash mob dance
in the mall of Earth’s atrium….

a seismometer
accelerates its pace…
and registers a high
amplitude on its scale…

…wails, tears, sobs…
breaking news screams
on idiot boxes…
as phallic microphones
get shoved into
the mouths of survivors
fighting for a piece of bread
tossed from a flying chopper…

Disaster aid flows in scams…
while homing pigeons flutter
temple statues
in a heritage square…

When homo sapiens
startle My God
with their avarice antics..
My God in Heaven
does a triple
and the heaven above
revolts ….
against man….


My God in Heaven
stifles a sob
and wonders
where He went wrong!!

It is a

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Savi Mani
Dear Viswas Menon, your poem brought back memories of childhood when I grew up reading the wonderful poem “All things bright and beautiful” by Cecil F.Alexander, perhaps you too would have read it, grew up thinking the world is such a beautiful creation of the one above us, so much beauty, in each small thing, the rivers the mountains, the trees, the flowers, there was no dearth of beauty, soon most of the beautiful creation of God turned into concrete jungle……. the devastation man made, scarring mother earth forever, felt the anguish in your poem, the pain in your poem, we did wrong….we scarred the earth beyond repair and the result of our misdeed is the Tsunami, massive flood, natural calamities, when thousands and thousands of lives are sacrificed on the so called altar of modernisation, and those who are left, those who survived wait for such calamity to snatch their lives…. Yes so true, It is a Question of Answers and God must be wondering why he created HUMANS and if at all why HE gave them brains, HE must be repenting on his creation and may be HE has left his heavenly abode unable to bear such devastation…….and… Read more »

Dear Vishwas Menon Ji;
Mana a times I wonder what you are ?
A multifaced personality combining a wonderful photographer; a wonderful poet; a Great Philatelist. About rest I am still unknown.

ammu sachariah

Excellent write. God himself may be feeling ashamed for creating such a beautiful world…… spoil like this.

Laya Sarath

wow wow wow…….I racked my brain to get into the poem..too strong..wonderful 🙂


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