The Nature Of Things

The Nature Of Things short poem


Come morning I battle with flight or fright
The start of righting wrongs,
The splatter among these trees
And fields that have been driven passed up
In search of more than sugarcanes
I still feel the butterflies
How lithe things seemed when they came
Then I asked them to leave
After they gave me stingy gifts outside their breed

The gathering together of dead leaves
I forgot my broom
Yet I fold my sleeves
And slowly hands work
To pile up heaps of hidden things
Too many and much to burn
A task that needs to be done
For the cleansing is by fire
And a flame transformed makes way for an orchard of pretty things

New nectar for bees that bring forth more than honey
A smile to welcome back the birds
I can now withstand their tune
and the buzzing no longer scares me
I await the butterflies again
Land, soothe and sleep

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Keith Wilson

A remarkable poem with such beauty in its is the “butterflies” within us that bring us to life.

Keith Wilson

Your depth expressed in your profile and profile ….independent, nurturing, self-motivated, compassionate, intelligent, sensitive, spiritual, ethical, passionate, and intense. Please send me the other poems you have have a mind and heart very much worth exploring.


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