I Am A Traveller, A Wanderer As A Soul

I Am A Traveller, A Wanderer As A Soul short poem

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I am a Traveler, a Wanderer as a Soul
“Life” – a great journey I am gonna discover and explore.
Routes are dicey, paths are hardly smooth and are always wild,
Every corner of the road holds a New unexpected turn and a surprise.
The journey never turns out the way as I desire or plan,
Though I laugh, I learn, I fall and grow on the roads,
Whenever I can….
Meeting new travellers, unique wanderers, sometimes sharing a ride,
Always make my journey fruitful, cheerful and worthwhile.
Walking alone, being own self,
Carrying the baggage, no one to share,
Total solitude is a bliss at times.
Experiencing the paths of high and low,
Makes me realize.. Inner happiness and peace is the only key to success.
I will walk and walk and move ahead, without keeping any regrets.
As that’s the rule for journey, pre-designed and destined.
I am a traveler, a wanderer as a soul,
I will create my path… Going rock and roll.
Destination will be just a place to reach,
Journey will be the true charm, the moments,
the mesmerizing and charismatic essence – is what I thrive to achieve.
As I am a traveler, a wanderer as a Soul,
I will walk on, move on……
Till the day I am supposed to breath,
Supposed to live…..
It’s my journey…. my Life,
Which I need to cherish and feel complete.

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Prachi Shrivastava

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I understand myself as a creative person, who has zeal to live, no matter what comes down the way. Research fellow by profession in the field of Human Development and Family Studies, loves to write, dance, read, travel and explore life, culture and food. Loves to be with nature and tries to find happiness and spark in every bit and pieces of life. Motto: " Don't mere survive, live and celebrate the event called LIFE"
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Rightly said..Inner happiness and peace are the pre-requisites to our life’s successful journey! Nicely penned:)


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