Freedom Of Choice?

Freedom Of Choice? short poem

I am born a Human
But chained like a Dog.
They say I am Free
But my soul is in Bonds.

I am free to Speak
But my words are Chosen.
I have the right to Think
But my thoughts Controlled.

I am free to Walk
On the roads Predefined.
I can make my Choices
Within acceptable Bounds

I can live my Life
The way I am Told.
I can have my Dreams
They’ll decide how they Unfold

I can breathe, laugh and enjoy
All I need to do is Comply.
And then I can fly High
With wings they provide.

The final straw will also be fit
When it is time to say quit
I will have the choice
When they tell me how my death will arrive.

Poet’s Note –
Not sure when I wrote this but this was sometime in the 90’s. Life has been filled with ups and downs, variety of experiences more so being a woman in India where you are constantly being told how to behave, how to laugh how to walk, talk, sit, stand, the list is endless. Thanks to my parents I grew the way I was and as some people call me, I am a wild flower or plant from the jungle. I don’t mind cause I choose to be what I want to be and choose to do what I want to do. Freedom of choice is an illusion we all like to believe in.

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I can't call myself a writer but yes I have enjoyed penning down my thoughts, at times sharing at other times secretly saving them. In school and college had some of my work published and I did participate in essay writing and debating but never took it up professionally. That was a choice I don't regret. Internet and social media have somewhere given me the courage to re-discover this side of me and I am glad that I have started sharing. I will definitely try to be more active. I enjoy all kinds of writing and what I write or read does not always depend on my mood. There have been times when I have been extremely happy but the words that I have penned down have been extremely sad and poignant and vice-versa. It is wonderful to connect with more poets/writers through this site.
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So true even in today’s world… Real freedom of choice has become quite a farce! Perfectly said:)

Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

Some give up, some give in. The ones who hold their ground are the ones who win. Turn it over to The Lord and He will guide you to Righteousness and exalt you among men. So when they come you will be able to resist. In the words of M.C. Hammer, Can’t Touch This.


Ma’am society is the sinner but people are not. Yes we do form the society. But many true people are bonded in chains as you expressed. true words well expressed. You made me remember of my friend who was bond to choose an deadly decision of her life. She was having a malignant tumor. Doctor said removal would keep her alive but she wont be a mother any day. But she was forced to operate the tumor instead of organ removal and gave the tumor a chance to grow again. She was forced by the people around and her parents could do nothing. Now the tumor is complicated and she will be in the hands of lord anytime.
Ma’am thank you for sharing. Might this change a few who can change more. Great work.



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