The Child… The Teacher… The Guide

The Child... The Teacher... The Guide long poem

Happy faces
Tender and calm,
Seeking knowledge
Without an alarm.
A guiding light
In the teacher they see,
Journeying with them
Is a human being!

I want to give, what I could not get,
Breaking the barriers that have been set.

I remember myself, as a lovely child,
All withered away by Math and Science.
I wanted to know all that was around,
But was scared to venture out.

I was happy to play in the rain,
I wanted to know from where it came.
I wanted to know how birds fly,
I wanted to know how we survive.

Amazed by planes, curious of trains,
Wanted to know who made the cranes.
I wanted to sing, I wanted to dance,
But that was not a part of class.

I wanted to know everything,
The fairytales and the living things,
The plants and animals,
The world and the Universe,
I wanted to know, I wanted to learn,
But all around things were rigid and stern.

A big leap I took that day
When I pledged to stray
From the paths defined by system
Break away from the set rhythm
Gain what I was being denied
Assert my basic human right.

I wish to share
I wish to walk
Hand in hand
Side by side
Of every girl
Of every boy
Learning together
Growing together.

Now I know I have to,
I dream all this comes true,
For as many children as I can do,
I will try as best I can,
For me, for you and everyone
For every child under the sun…

Poet’s Note –
End of 2004, after almost a year’s gap, I had once again started looking for work. Came across an advertisement placed by The Heritage School, Gurgaon. It sounded interesting and so I just applied for the position of a Section Educator. I was not sure they’ll call me as I had no previous training in being a teacher but to my surprise I was sitting in a group discussion. Then about 60 of us were invited to join Khoj in Rishikesh. We spent around 4-5 days in the Snow leopard Beach Resort and that is how my journey of being a teacher began. As we went through various group and individual exercises I penned this poem and shared it with the rest of the group. I am no longer working as a teacher but I still am a student and enjoy moments that I spend with children. It is always wonderful to work with the little ones and I try to do projects where I get to work alongside kids.

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I can't call myself a writer but yes I have enjoyed penning down my thoughts, at times sharing at other times secretly saving them. In school and college had some of my work published and I did participate in essay writing and debating but never took it up professionally. That was a choice I don't regret. Internet and social media have somewhere given me the courage to re-discover this side of me and I am glad that I have started sharing. I will definitely try to be more active. I enjoy all kinds of writing and what I write or read does not always depend on my mood. There have been times when I have been extremely happy but the words that I have penned down have been extremely sad and poignant and vice-versa. It is wonderful to connect with more poets/writers through this site.
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Indeed, the teacher is the guiding light in a child’s life …beautifully written:)


Ma’am you are a poetess. And as I read your creations I stay gazed and spell bound. Loved to read your works and respect your feelings and you. _/\_ with regards Prasenjit.


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