Oh Daddy

Oh Daddy ode

A hollow space within my heart
Says, Hello Daddy let’s restart.
Let us walk back in time,
I’ll hold your hand you hold mine.

Only the happy places we’ll visit
The sad roads we will resist.
We’ll walk down the sunny paths
And let spring fill up our hearts.

You can carry me on your shoulders
My muddy feet dangling on your chest.
As we walk I’ll play with your hair
And you can teach me about being fair.

I’ll shower you with a thousand questions
In your soft voice you will reply.
We’ll talk of love and smiles
We’ll talk of laughter and joy.

I’ll pull your ears and pinch your nose
You’ll laugh because of the love we share.
Then playfully in your lap I’ll sit
And you can narrate the tales of yore.

As we’ll turn the corners of time
I’ll start seeing the ways of life.
I’ll understand what you meant
That life will one day end.

But why does it have to be so soon
Get up from the bed and hold my hand
Oh daddy let’s do it again
Let us be whole again.

Poet’s Note –
Just remembering my dad and the times we spent together. He has been a major influence in my life and he is the man who set the standards high for me. Born in the British Raj, he was a self made man who achieved his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer through his own efforts. He did give credit to the time he spent at the Gwalior Maharaj’s Fort as a student, his experience with the British, at the army mess, barracks and the encouragement he received from his seniors. He taught me the importance of being independent yet at the same time understanding the interdependence that we as a the human race have. He taught me to think for myself and decide for myself and the best gift that he gave me was the gift of reading books. He also acknowledged that he was not perfect and that no one was perfect and above the rest but what makes you better is the acceptance that we are human and we have our faults. Thank you Dad.

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I can't call myself a writer but yes I have enjoyed penning down my thoughts, at times sharing at other times secretly saving them. In school and college had some of my work published and I did participate in essay writing and debating but never took it up professionally. That was a choice I don't regret. Internet and social media have somewhere given me the courage to re-discover this side of me and I am glad that I have started sharing. I will definitely try to be more active. I enjoy all kinds of writing and what I write or read does not always depend on my mood. There have been times when I have been extremely happy but the words that I have penned down have been extremely sad and poignant and vice-versa. It is wonderful to connect with more poets/writers through this site.
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No matter how much we credit our parents..it always seems to fall short…Beautifully written:)

Nikita Mehendiratta

Very well said Preeti Mam. Wonderful poem.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

It is pathetic…….
………if you told me that nobody told you…….
……that you are born-poetess ……

High On Poems

Congratulations! @subhashani
This poem has been featured in the Poetry Article we published on Father’s Day. Your poem is listed with the works of celebrated poets. People reading this article will be directed to your profile page so they can read more of your work.
You can read the complete article here http://highonpoems.com/23842/blog/poetry-articles/father-poems-you-must-read-this-fathers-day

May your words reach places and touch hearts through the power of poetry.


I get no words to express anything about your poem Ma’am. This poem is so heart touching. I feel numb after reading this poem. If eyes get tears it wont be strange. This poem s truly very heart touching. Great piece Ma’am and thank you for sharing it. Thank you ma’am.


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