Like A Child

Like A Child short poem

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I want to laugh and laugh aloud,
Like a free bird I want to discover every cloud,
Want to cry and cry crisp,
Keeping aside every sorrow I want to walk past brisk,
Wander around in the streets for hours,
Getting drenched in heavy rainy showers,
Stretching my arms to embrace the crimson sky,
Asking God candidly, will you dance with me or just standby?
Forget for a while all the botheration,
I finally want to have the biggest celebration…..
Partying hard all the night,
Only love around and no more fight,
Too many good things to do Friends,
Let’s make our life colorful with new trends,
Why hate all the time, come let’s spread love!!!
Keeping aside the troubles and grief let’s move,
Let’s live life like a child and cherish innocence for enduring miles!
We live only once, let’s live like a child with cute smiles!!!


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Zelam Tambe

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I am a SIMPLE person, i believe in one thing-whatever comes your way.welcome it with a smiling face & in the first place ITSELF SO at the later stage, there is no room for any regret or complaints...WHEN YOU BEILIEVE THAT WHAT U DO IS TRUE- DO IT..
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We all need to relive that child in us to enjoy life in its true sense! Beautiful writing:)


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