Life’s Sweet Moments

Lifes Sweet Moments short poem

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What can sound better than birds?
Chirping on a bright sunny morning.
And clouds dancing without a care,
In the hazy sky above.

What can look better than flowers?
Blooming in all their glory and fragrance.
And bees hovering above their colorful attire.

What can move the heart more than a rainbow?
A bridge across the sky after a storm.
And to ride over it, and slide over it, such a romp.

What can be more joyous than waterfalls
Shouts and shrieks of glee braving the cold cascading falls
Amid cool mists and the scent of trees

What can feel better than being with friends?
On a day such as this,
Aroma of hot coffee and chocolates, sweet and tasty.

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kwai chee low

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From young, I have a love for the English Language and have been a voracious reader of novels, getting my fill from the British Council and later at the U.S.I.S. Clearly the writing style of UK and American authors is different.It is only about three years ago that I ventured into the world of poetry, and starting to pen my own poems. I find it gratifying and fulfilling to have an opportunity to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into poems and haiku.
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@kwaicheelow, sweet moments indeed, along with your love for nature, the birds, the flowers and the rainbow. And trekking to waterfalls is such great joy. But of course, any joyfull day shared with friends makes it into multiplied mirth. Pleasant thoughts of pleasant occassions.


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