Soul’s Passion

You are so beautiful I can’t explain
My love is ready to bear all pain
Snowy-white in monsoon rain
Glowing like light in my brain

Your beauty at a glance
Gives me a chance to romance
When my heart gets a chance
Pleasure fills, it starts to dance

You my heart, you my fortune
I want to get you very soon
Like a sip of wine at noon
Glowing flower in hot June

Let us cherish love relation
In a style in graceful fashion
With real soul’s passion
For satisfaction and salvation

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Muhammad Khalid Khan

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I did Masters in English Language and Literature, LLB, Masters in Educational Administration from University of the Punjab Lahore, I also did Masters in TEFL (Applied Linguistics) and Diploma in Teaching English as an International Language under the auspices of British Council and American Center. I served in PAKISTAN ARMY as an English Instructor .I am a poet and writer. I remained Editor of Pakistan Army Journal, Pakistan Defense Review, Army Green Book and The Rising Crescent..., I published my three books in English Poetry namely Feelings, Chains of Life and Golden Glow..Poetry is my passion not profession
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Savi Mani

@Khalid ji………..a wonderful poem full of love, yes love is the essence of life and brings out beauty in everything……..nice poem………loved reading it, …..

Nadeem Qazilbash

Wonderful choice of words, rhyming beautifully, the readers wonders weather to appreciate more the beauty of the words or the lady they describe.

ramakrishnan chatakondu

……to inspire only a few can do…..only a master…
…………….now I am your student accept me forgetting my age …
………….even at this age I have a love-sick heart of a youngster………..


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