Shadow Dancing

Shadow Dancing short poem

Photo by YellowstoneNPS

Dancing Shadows
High in the Great Canadian Rockies; on the shoreline of a rippling mountain stream,
dancing shadows are reflected in the eyes of a massive, supreme bull elk.
A gentle breeze is gracefully guiding the leaves of glorious fall tapestry,
jagged shadows of wilderness attire, dancing upon the pristine mountain stream Pristine reflections in Wapiti’s eyes.
Magnified reflections of a wilderness amphitheater, in the searching eyes of a bald eagle.
Dancing shadows,in a meandering mountain stream. Shadows moving with the current, creating a most dramatic wilderness effect.
Filtered prisms of sunlight eloquently placed upon the tapestry of flora and fauna,
dancing in a gentle breeze, dressing the dancing shadows of falling scarlet red, brilliant orange, and prolific harvest gold leaves.
With twilight sneaking through Nature’s corrador, these dancing shadows of this wilderness amphitheater,appear to be running.
Dancing shadows blending in with the approaching twilight, retire from sight.
Bull elk of pristine attire, beds down on a blanket of newly fallen multi colored leaves.
Releasing a long drawn out breath which crystalizes in the cool crisp autumn air.
Dancing shadows have mystically disappeared into Nature’s held out hand.

Poet’s note –
The context of this poem is about Nature being reflected in the eyes of a massive bull elk while drinking from a mountain stream.

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