Dirty Games

Dirty Games short poem

People play the dirty games,
all for little fun or some fame.

They hide behind the fake smile,
deceiving the look in their eyes.

They fail to hear the human heart,
so miserably they tear it apart.

Their empty laughs fill the room,
lovingly cherish someone’s doom.

What often they don’t realize,
tears will one day drop from their eyes.

Not because they will realize the pain,
‘Coz someday they will gauge their gains.

Love lost, true friendships strained,
all for little fun or some fame?

Do we really have to play the dirty games,
Can’t we all be honest for a change?

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We are sum total of our mistakes...hope life gives enough chances to rectify them :)
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loved it!

Editorial Board

A feeling most of us will share, why the lack of honesty, why the Dirty Games? Simply expressed but with such genuine words that convey your feelings..Well wriiten @lata


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