The Gush

The Gush prose poem

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It was dusk, twilight sky, gushing waves,
I sat on the shore,gazing at the horizon.
The birds busily flapped their wings back home,
while there I sat, and thought about the vagaries of life.
The noise of the sea waves, as they dashed against the shore,
sounded similar to the noises in my head.
Home for me wasn’t home anymore,
it was more of a battlefield.
With a clash of every opinion,
my honey had changed, changed completely.
She would behave like an animal,
willing to tear at me anytime.
Was she that woman, who I had loved, loved at the very first sight ?
I remember this was the beach, I first saw her,
as she lay with her back towards the Sun, letting it get baked slowly.
Her soft, smooth skin reminded me of snow,
and at once I knew she was just the one that would soothe my life.
My life was a happy one, a fairy-tale indeed,
when we were blessed with a little fairy,
with skin, just like my honey and a cry that made me laugh.
Life was all smooth, when great disdain,
dawned on us one sudden day when my daughter stopped crying forever!
She slipped from her dear mother’s hand,
onto the floor, the floor that was too hard to caress that little head.
I came back from work, just to see a scene, that would shock anyone.
I saw a mother staring at her child, her child who lay bloodied on the floor.
Since that day, my wife has just been talking, talking all day, to herself.
I never could make out what she would say, it was as if she was her everything,
not willing to be disturbed by anyone.She couldn’t recognize me anymore,
she would sit with a doll in her hand, a doll dressed in my very doll’s clothes,
that doll with whom even if I wanted to, couldn’t play anymore.
This life you see, is a chain of events,a chain which can’t be handled by you.
With the gush of time, things change,people change, we change too.
Seeing these waves, all I understand is that,each wave is different from the other.
Every wave comes at a gushing speed, hits the shore,
breaks it, gives rise to a new shape, a new structure, the newness which can be gifted just by time.
Dusk gave way to night, the twilight sky gave way to twinkling stars.
Stars that remind me of my little star, that once had lighted up my life,
and then in a sudden gush stopped twinkling all together.

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I am an eighteen year old, first year student of Political Science with Elect in St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, India. Schooled in Kolkata itself, from La Martiniere, I have always had an attraction towards Literature. I wrote my first book when I was fifteen, and currently finished with my second, yet to be published. Writing poems and short stories is one of my most favorite pastime, apart from singing and dancing(of which I have learnt four forms- Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Folk and Katthak). Currently trying to get my work recognized and build a strong base in the world of Literature. Do try and connect with me. Hoping to learn a lot from the other poets in this portal. :)
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