Karma And Him

Karma And Him prose poem

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It was simple, it was effortless
All too transparent and ever so clear
Life threw its bounties at him
His hard road was strewn with maps to its wonders

At every dead end he found a shovel
At every crossroad he found direction
Yet, all along this easy road, there was always a crucial sign he chose to ignore
It was too high up for his vision
And the fierce rays beyond didn’t help much
He chose not to look for fear of the light blinding his vision

Karma, his faithful old friend now growing tired
With feet that dragged more with each further step on his twisted journey
All that was needed was a little courage
A chance to take that was long due
But he was destined to walk the shadowy bylanes
That he illuminated by burning his soul
The rain of her reason doused it each time
But when it succeeded, he set time on fire, his blood for fuel

He never understood that the eternity of cosmic monsoon had set its course
Each drop that cut through his world had of its own, a reason
Now karma spread her robe over his head so big
The indefatigable rain tearing through her tegument of goodwill

As hard as he tried, he always faltered
He never gave up, he never will
His mind was made and nothing natural was resolute enough to weather its rock
Of trying to shape up the perfect circle to fit into his life so square

The shadows of his fears danced from the light of his enflamed soul
The embers of invisible warnings went unnoticed on the blackened ground

The further he walked into the darkness
The more willing Karma’s desire to keep him
He tore pieces of her robe
Threw it into the dying fire
He flung himself to the ground
Weary, his conscience wobbly with exhaustion

Karma refused to follow
Her benign posture now all too hollow
Shivering ungraciously, whimpering in stammers
Yet stood beside him, her robe in tatters
“One last time”, she thought
One more chance he sought

Her dry lips broke into a plea
From his baleful magnetism, she couldn’t flee
Karma, now stripped of all worldly shame
Tried to fight off his gaze
He sat there gouged of all morals
His eyes fixed upon the last piece of her robe… the only chaperon of her modesty

The frozen moment was growing colder
As the biting chill turned bolder
The light was about to start fading
As the fire lay there dying.

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I plan weekends at work and worry about schedules when on a vacation. I sniff petrol while refueling my bike, now why would I not enjoy the ride! Work! I feel like a gymnast in golf clothes. My Monday Blues! They are almost black as my lungs. Oh women! You know one but can you tell them all. I wait on company with a pocket full of friends. I chase life while it chases me.
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