Never loved

Never loved short poem

She feels like Chandramukhi
a woman who never was loved
but only used by many
to realise their dreams

May be that was her fate
to be a rung of a ladder
to the unknown
passersby coming to quench their pain

So many Devdas(s)
with Paros in their heart
Chandramukhi in arms
every night in illusion

She hurt over and over
dying inch by inch
burning a part of her
day by day

May be that was her fate
to be burned by others
to heal themselves
and leave her empty

She waits for the next Devdas
hoping he would be the one
that her Devdas finally would arrive
but the story repeats

Alas the wait is endless

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Bhargavi Kerur

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An avid dreamer nurturing a dream of living many lives in one life.
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A look into the dark side and the lives of the so called fallen women juxtaposed with a timeless story of star crossed lovers…Inspired writing @Bhargavi_Kerur


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