A Lost Soul

A fire of passion
Burns inside me
Eyes twinkle in mischief
Longing to explore
The bond of unknown.

Heart pounds within
As the lost soul
Awakens the love
From pain to delight
Of my lively self.

The pulse of passion
Accelerates the longing
Falling into a deep chasm
Ignites a burning fire
In my soul.

Lost in memories
Of total completeness
I plunge deeper into
The fire of passion
The venom brought out.

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10 Comments on "A Lost Soul"

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Laya Sarath

Ohhh thats so touching geeemmmeeee…..

Viswas Menon

@geetha_paniker….a very soulful creation….well done


awakened soul.. quite powerful !

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Amazing thoughts,well-done.

ammu sachariah



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