Unwanted long poem

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She came into this world
with a healthy loud cry.
She was so very excited
but, things looked awry.

There were no happy smiles
to greet her arrival.,
She had no clue,
she had caused such upheaval.

She was not wanted.
She was not needed.
She was an outcome
of prayers unheeded.

A disappointment !
A daughter instead of a son.
An embarrassment , a disgrace,
a discredit, this one.

She will be told
that she has no worth.
By the ones that she loves,
who cares if it hurts.

She should be grateful
and pay with her life.
She must first be a daughter
and then just a wife.

Her entire existence
is to serve others.
If she has an identity,
It must be smothered.

She was not killed in the womb
was allowed to live after all.
This in itself is something,
for which she should thank them all.

This very lack of love,
and this effort to control.
Makes her seek some strength
in the depths of her soul.

In spite of all odds,
She will learn to survive.
She knows that she is unwanted
but, she must learn to thrive.

She will recognize her strength
and her inner self.
She will stand up for herself
even when she gets no help.

She has come to realize
that she was unneeded, unwanted.
Her heart harbors hope,
though her eyes look haunted.

She will not give up
her dreams and desires.
She is no less human
than all those other boys.

She has a right to live
her life on her conditions.
She will forge her own path
and not follow traditions.

She will never allow
their opinions to matter.
She must believe she is SPECIAL
and blank out their chatter.

She will scream out loud.
She is not a possession.
She has feelings, aspirations.
She is human, a person.

It breaks her heart,
to know she is not the only one.
This world is full of little girls,
who were born instead of sons!

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6 Comments on "Unwanted"

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Geetha Paniker

Beautiful one.

Shabeeh Kamoonpuri

Very true picture,you have painted about unwanted girls throughout the world.Especially India n Pakistan.Congrates for the amazing write.keep writing.

asoke kumar mitra

very heart wrenching write. I admire , your style is unique.