lost and found!

lost and found! short poem

Hidden deep
into the stack of memories was
my diary,
a small pocket book not
the usual bulky planner.
Yesterday, I stumbled upon it,
as I lay on grass and
it lay somewhere there,
dusting for many a year,
waiting for me.
The collection of my
subconscious memories,
never told stories,
unfulfilled glories,
that I was about to unfold.
I wrote few initials
on its dusty cover,
using my finger
I created an impression and
gave it a new gibberish title.
I opened and turned its pages
I did a time travel
just swayed myself into
those reflections
from my past,
wishes that
never got fulfilled,
those wishes,
those desires
somewhere still burn within.
I became a six years old,
read those pages that I never told,
I went back to my school
as I read further,
wrote some post script notes
down under,
Also, I wrote in
perfect calligraphy
in hand I always yearn,
I was able to craft the letters
from tip to toe as was learned,
drew few cartoons as I used to,
scribbled few figures
embedded deep hitherto,
penned a short poem
wrote a name over and over,
I don’t know when
did I close,
and reshelve what I hold
vaguely remember the last line that
I wrote;
“I want to tell you… “!,
that moment I left,
a lot I wept and
finally I

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Editorial Board

We have seen your writing flowering @Abhishek_Jain and it is sheer pleasure to read and review this one..the innocence of childhood, the heartbreak captured so beautifully..Brilliant writing!


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