How Is Your Faith

How Is Your Faith prose poem

How is your faith? I guess it depends on the case. Are things going good or bad? Are you happy or sad? People say things just happen for- well there is no reason. Then why do we have seasons? why do the plants grow? why does the sun shine on a planet of many that’s one of a kind?
Why does the Earth just sit in space with nothing holding it, but it stays in place? For that matter how did we become the human race? Science says it knows, but too many holes, so I don’t think so. What do we do? where do we look? we need to stop kidding ourselves and read the Good Book.
Do you believe? how is your faith? speaking of the Good Book, why has it been here for so long with man? Is it because there’s a plan for man? Now peep this, how did the stars get into space, and be mathematically placed? Can the big bang explain? No the big bang can’t hang.
Then how is your faith and why do we dream? are they just a thrill, or a message that’s real? What do we do? should we go for what we think we know, and reap what we sow? So how’s running the show? I think we know. Do you believe? how is your faith? When in the night we are full of terror and fright, the morning comes and things are alright.
How can that be? are you talking to me? Yes. So where’s the proof? you will have to read the Good Book to see signs and wonders which tell the truth. Then how is your faith, when you’re at odds? For when you’re at odds, Trust In GOD. Do you believe? How is your faith?

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I once was walking in the dark , I thought I was living the life. Thank goodness for Rehab. They started to set thing right, It was there I found The Lord and and saw the Light. Now these poems I started to see and hear. When they come in sight I write. Thank You LORD. Now all the other, the past is, how they put it. Just water under the bridge. GONE. Never to return. Now I am Just a laid back kind of guy, Who's about to spread his wings and fly away to a brighter day.
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