The Fog Horn

The Fog Horn short poem

Every 20 seconds, its lonely voice cries
Out to someone it will never meet
like an ancient voice, never ceasing
Through the cold rain and silent darkness
Standing, waiting, as patient as time
How many a forlorn sailor heard its call?
How many remember?
As they rode along the rocky shore
Dreaming of home
Yet the fog horn cries on its lonely perch
Unanswered throughout time
Silhouetted against a timeless shore
As sand castles wash away
A child’s voice, now silent
Stars peering down from above him
Offering empathy
For the loneliness
That only they would know
And time somehow loses its meaning
Its quality
Because time can’t be measured
By loneliness

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Rich Wright

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Rich is a writer, poet, photographer, creative, wilderness instructor, Eco therapist, explorer and lover of nature and life. He has been to the darkest of places and somehow made it out. He has always been guided by a force that knows what he needs to learn. He has humbled himself before this power many times and continues to move forward, sometimes backwards first, but still forward. Rich knows that his highest purpose is to support others with love and compassion. He is not sure where he is going but he remains awake and fearless on his journey.
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“Stars peering down from above him
Offering empathy”, so true!! This loneliness is unique because of its eternal nature.



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