The Journey Of Every Successful Man

The Journey Of Every Successful Man short poem

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You are like a dawn,
Just beginning to be born.
Every struggle, every pain,
Promising yourself that never
Will it go in vain.

All so you can be that someone original,
Someone who will always be there for you as a pal.
You possess all the qualities, that are genuine and exquisite.

Every drop of blood and sweat,
Fulfilling the destiny’s bet.
As though promising a prophecy,
Tempting you to work hard for the every bit of ecstasy.

You with your head held high,
Being proud of what you have achieved.
But never do you cheat or lie,
Reaching for the never ending sky,
For you know the worth of what you have achieved.

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4 Comments on "The Journey Of Every Successful Man"

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Savi Mani

nice poem dear …………yes a successful man is original in his own way and so is a successful woman………though it is said success is a relative term but i firmly believe it is much above the material achievement………nice poem


Such positive thoughts and mature understanding of success, well said! Keep it up!


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