The Hidden Someone

The Hidden Someone short poem

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You are a lovely girl,
Someone as beautiful as a pearl.
Hidden behind that timid, shy and reserved attitude,
Is someone so opposite to her solitude.

You wait for that one chance,
Where you can take your life’s better glance.
Knowing that you deserve better,
I have never seen you shed a tear – in dejection.
For you know, there is something out there hidden,
Which is self-ridden.
All you need is that call,
The magic wand which can free you from this boring drawl.

You have to be strong,
Never letting things go wrong.
For it is you, who decides your destiny,
Under life’s tiresome scrutiny.
It is all your choice,
To determine which option would make you rejoice!

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kwai chee low

A lovely poem, soulful and insightful. A call to the inner self.


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