Childhood …well that’s quite hazy.
Everyday was a new task, every milestone a new story,
every year a new place, a new start.
Those days, those changes I had always wished it never happened or never mattered
But here I am.. thrown and tossed, trapped in a cage amidst the fears of reality
trying.. trying.. caving my way out, just hoping to be seen.. quite amazed by my capability
Every time I fail I give up.. I say “enough is enough, maybe I’m not good enough”
But something in me burns.. crawls its way up.. I know there’s hope
because I know there will come a day when I’ll shine
so bright that I know I’m alive
Every time I defeat my fears, the coward in me vanishes
I realize I want to build more dreams and fulfill all wishes
Adrenalin gushes through my veins
because there is not a rock I can’t break or a race I can’t win
No one needs to tell me I can
as I just wanna live everyday like it’s a gift,
every second a bonus
because.. hey there! Who knows if I’ll wake up tomorrow and still be the same
still feel the same
still be breathing
who knows if there’s time for goodbyes or hugs
and I know I’ll make every second count and still miss out on a lot in life
but at least I won’t die full of regret
As my people would know, I love them.. always
I have only done whatever my heart says
and my soul will live always

To dear whoever
You needn’t die to know what death feels like
You just need to be alive
as the fear of losing it is worse than not having one at all.

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4 Comments on "Alive"

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This is one of the best pieces of writing I have read lately. Beautiful, moving, positive words come together as a lesson for us all – grab every second of your life and LIVE it!!

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

Chand Ashish

Delicate thoughts …..
nice read ….


Hi Sangeetha.Your poem has spirit and gusto. If one should read it, they should be inspired at once to move on carry on, get up, and get on it. Good work. GBU.

Ramapriya Nr

Good positive thoughts. nice poem


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